Not sure where to start?

Confronting mental health in either a positive or negative way, can very daunting.

When we are having difficulties, our thoughts (intrusive, possibly irrational to those looking in) behaviour (having difficulty doing what we ‘should’, stopping doing things we ‘shouldn’t’ do) and emotions (stress, anger, fear, grief, guilt, sadness, depression, feeling under pressure or even that feeling of numbness or ‘nothingness’) can hold us prisoner, preventing us from enjoying what we should be enjoying.

Help as well as correct information about our mental health should be easily accessible. KW Life Solutions like to keep things uncomplicated, as much as possible. We have an ‘easy to understand’ policy.

Very rarely do we give our clients ‘homework’ and if it is necessary, we keep it to a minimum with help, if needed.

The therapies and techniques we use are the most effective available and the quickest to show results. Most importantly, we ensure they are the right ones for our clients.


Corona Virus Update – Our services are available online as normal. Call us to see how we can help.


We offer affordable, comprehensive, and easily accessible outpatient clinics. Providing the most appropriate and most effective therapies for your issues.


Our programs accept referrals from parents, family members, caregivers, schools, work and community based treatment providers.


The impact that Covid is having on the normal stresses of going back to University, exams, study time and how you are studying, at the very least is daunting. You are having to adapt from what you had planned. You could find the idea of socialising and getting back to ‘normal’ difficult to comprehend. Try not to worry, we are here to help the stresses, anxiety and depression associated with the difficult times you could be experiencing.


No matter the trouble you’re facing, we’re here to help. Mental illness, family issues, work issues, Covid issues – give us a call.


We have services available to help with your mental health issues through your most difficult times.