Why Choose Us?

As well as delivering our core services, we understand the value of an efficient workforce but more importantly, the cost to a business when things go wrong. The roots of KW Life Solutions began in industry (two brothers working for a power company) so understanding H&S and productivity is second nature.

Resulting from our unique perspective combining industry and how the mind works, we offer workshops to understand and reduce Health and Safety near-misses and incidents. We believe no one else offer such workshops that cover this aspect of how our mind work. Call to discuss this further

Mental Health Learning – From 1 to 1 general MH understanding to seminars for enhancing Mental Health First Aid.

Performance enhancement, Confidence, Stress reduction, Sleep improvement sessions.

Up to the minute, NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) Approved, techniques to reduce Health and Safety incidents. Call for information.

Post-Incident support – Call our team to reduce the possibility of PSTD even after a near-miss to care for  your staff.