We are a mental health practice and consultancy Providing easy-accessible help and learning to all.

Since 2005 KW Life solutions have provided help with the Mental health sector throughout East Anglia

Our belief is that clients deserve the most appropriate treatment and care to meet their individual needs. Using NICE recommended interventions such as CBT, EMDR etc. our approach is to give understandings as well as the tools needed to enable them to achieve a more positive direction and empower them to achieve their goals.

We work with self-referred individual private clients, clients referred to us by the NHS, local and national charities. We also work in the corporate field, presenting mental health seminars, facilitating mental health first aid, helping with performance enhancement, confidence, stress reduction, Health & Safety solutions and post-incident support.


KWLS was originally set up to facilitate the issue of a shortage of effective psychological solutions available in the community.

In 2002, a founder partner of KWLS was diagnosed with a stress-related condition that had significant life affecting symptoms, which lead to his resignation from full time employment. Living with the problem for three years, despite trying various conventional and alternative approaches, no improvement was seen. In 2004, he was approached by his brother to be a participant in his university studies covering psychological interventions for irritable bowel syndrome—IBS. Agreeing to and 5 treatment sessions later, the symptoms of the IBS ceased. With no re-occurrence of the symptoms after 9 months, it was decided that further therapies should be studied and with additional therapists, a service could be delivered to help the community.

KW Life Solutions began in 2006 and with that formation, a promise was made to keep up with the latest innovations in psychological intervention to ensure that our clients receive the best possible help, but experience is also essential. To get wide experience in all psychological needs, the founders began volunteering with local charities and in 2010, began focusing on areas such as complex post-traumatic stress and addictions, gaining an invaluable foundation to help the wider community.

Other experience: KWLS’s founders began their working lives over thirty years ago in the energy sector and actively continue to work with industry needs. Working with national and international companies, KWLS deliver advice and help to overcome staff and incident issues, has begun working with safety institutions and councils advising on Health and Safety improvements.